Knock Knock Who’s there?

Dating back to ancient Greek times, the door knocker has evolved from the simply functional to the highly ornate and often whimsical level.

Some of the earliest English and Continental knockers were made of forged iron-a material that was relatively inexpensive and durable.

As tastes and incomes changed, so did the material and many knockers began to be manufactured out of brass and bronze. The metal castings proved to be more adaptable to different forms-urns with floral swags, animal or human heads, and popular designs of the period whether it be Colonial, Georgian, Victorian etc.

Early American knockers were often very plain, with two types available, ones with or without name plates-the plates being made of brass which were easier to engrave.

Generally the three styles include the simple ring knocker, the hammer (or pendant) knocker and the animal/figural head knocker.

There are some wonderful examples of antique, vintage and modern knockers.

One curious note, the majority of hand knockers seem to be left-handed…..