Category: Architectural Salvage

Willard’s Chocolate-A Sweet Toronto Company

Famous for its chocolate covered nougat, peanuts and caramel or “Sweet Marie”, the Willard Chocolate Factory opened it’s doors in Toronto in 1917. After incorporating in 1920 it located its headquarters at 453 Wellington Street a stone’s throw away from Spadina (the building was demolished in the 1970’s). The competition was stiff with Laura Secord […]

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Preston Springs Hotel

Since ancient Roman times, people have been enjoying the benefits of sulphur springs-bathing in the warm healing waters to cure any number of ailments from rheumatism to dermatological conditions. The thermal trend had been popular in various European cities for centuries, and with a rise in the middle class and travel for touristic purposes, the […]

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Breaking through the tin ceiling

Tin ceilings were all the rage in the late Victorian age. Toronto was no exception, and tin ceilings could be found in some of the more upscale residences and commercial enterprises. One of the more impressive ceilings was at the “Lakeview Hotel” in Cabbagetown (now the “Winchester Hotel”). It was featured in a trade catalogue for the “Metallic Roofing Company of Canada” which supplied metal plates, borders and cornices.

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Knock Knock Who’s there?

Dating back to ancient Greek times, the door knocker has evolved from the simply functional to the highly ornate and often whimsical level.

Some of the earliest English and Continental knockers were made of forged iron-a material that was relatively inexpensive and durable.

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