Contact Photography May 2010

It’s that time again for the Contact Photography Festival May 2010. Here’s what we are featuring:

Grainy images of potions and elixirs from an old apothecaryʼs shop evoke a time long before modern pharmaceuticals, when herbal medicines shared the shelf with tinctures and morphine was used to treat burns and help during childbirth. The local apothecary was part medical advisor, medicinal dispenser and occasionally, surgeon and midwife. Their work with herbal and chemical ingredients in these tinctures and potions are regarded as the precursor of modern chemistry and pharmacology. Presented in frames made of retro materials salvaged from home renovations, Olena Sullivanʼs vintage imagery harmonizes with Post and Beamʼs reclaimed architectural antiques and one-of-a-kind salvaged goods. The exhibit runs from May 8-30 during the CONTACT Photography Festival.

2869 Dundas St. W. Toronto, ON M6P 1Y9 _Tel: 416-913-4243

Olena is a Toronto-based graphic designer and photographer with a great love for historical and industrial photography. The majority of her work explores beauty in the decay and destruction of buildings once familiar, now reclaimed by the elements. She is a founding member of the Shadow Collective – a photography collaborative devoted to the exploration and exhibition of forgotten spaces – the Hangman7 collective, photo editor for Heritage Toronto, Chair of the Programming Committee for the Hang Man Gallery, and administrator of the 12th Annual Riverdale Art Walk. This is her fourth CONTACT festival exhibit and her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the GTA, most recently in the Building Storeys exhibit at the Gladstone Hotel. Her recent trip to Ukraine has been published in a book entitled Volatile Particles: A Photographic Journey Through Chornobyl’s Exclusion Zone (

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